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A Trial of Witches Book and eBook
A Trial of Witches Text

By Cameron Readman

Official Release Trailer!

Enter the world of 16th Century with hunts through this stunning live action trailer!

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A Trial of Witches Trailer

About the Book


Centred around the real events of The Berwick Witch Trials in Scotland, "A Trial of Witches" is an all-new fantasy and historical fiction novel from Bothwell's creative director, Cameron Readman. 

Standing on the precipice of the witch burning craze ignited in the 16th century, the Lord Earl Bothwell, Francis Stewart, a powerful political figure and charming rogue of early modern Scotland is also the leader of one of the few remaining covens. When one of his witches is caught during The North Berwick witch trials, he finds his two worlds are not compatible, he must decide what is more important to him; the balancing act at the very top of the ruling class or the survival of his own kind!

About the Author


The book's creator; Cameron Readman, is the Creative Director of Bothwell School of Witchcraft and has already created a rich background and lore around the school. While this is his first novel, he has been writing about Bothwell School of Witchcraft since he founded it, whether that be fictional articles for the student handbook, stories of the founders or simply the characters that people are given for the experience. It has all lead to this. This book has been eagerly anticipated by the fans of the Bothwell event when it was first teased some years back, but it has been written as a stand-alone novel for all audiences to enjoy.

A Trial of Witches Cameron Readman
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