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I am an entrepreneur in the more classical sense; I ideate, I create and I have developed a toolkit of skills to grow those seeds into a business.

I innovate like an engineer, create like an author, build like a founder and always lead from the front.

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Project Portfolio

The One Percent Way


The One Percent Way is the trading name of the business I've set up to deliver Personal Training and through which I deliver my fat loss course. The primary mission is to provide lasting fat loss by removing motivation from the equation and developing sustainable healthy habits using the power of incremental improvement. You can check out the website and courses on offer here.

One Percent Way Logo - Yellow on

Steel Viking Fitness


Steel Viking Fitness is founded on the principles of using immersion and gamification to make fitness more fun and engaging. Readman will be launching the new boot camp style fitness workout in Salisbury, before expanding it to new locations nationwide.

Steel Viking Fitness is a new enterprise and more updates will be coming soon...

Bothwell School of Witchcraft


In 2017 Readman launched Bothwell School of Witchcraft with his co-founder Stuart Munnich. The Kickstarter was funded in under 5 minutes and the first event was sold out in under 2 hours. Readman took the helm as the Creative Director and Event Coordinator and he manages everything on the project level, such as project management, creating the content, marketing and budgets.

Bothwell has grown to host two events per year and in 2020 Bothwell was part of a successful merger with a sister school in Poland and is now part of a wider wizarding universe.

Cameron Bothwell Logo
A Trial of Witches Cameron Readman

A Trial of Witches


In 2019 Readman released his debut novel; A Trial of Witches. The book is  fictional retelling of the North Berwick Witch Trials in Scotland and is largely based on the foundation of work Readman created for Bothwell School of Witchcraft. 

The book was launched via Kickstarter where it received a highly successful launch, reaching over 400% of the funding goal. This enabled the funding of a cinematic trailer linked here.

Murder on the 10:16


In 2019 Readman Produced, Directed and Wrote Murder on the 10:16; a live action murder mystery event taking place on one of the U.K.'s historic steam railways.

The event was launched on Kickstarter, as part of the Rogue Events ensemble, where the event successfully reached it's funding goal.

Murder on the 10:16 Cameron Readman
Find My Larp Logo

Find My Larp


In 2017 Readman founded Find My Larp. Find My Larp was started as a peer-to-peer market place for live action events. Readman developed the concept with Mr. Munnich, his Rogue Events partner, and became a key driver behind the project and took on multiple roles. In his main capacity however, Readman was appointed CTO where he developed the systems requirements, managed development and curated the top-level design of the platform.

Find My Larp was successfully sold to a competitor in 2018.

Rogue Events


Rogue Events was founded in late 2016 by Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich. The company was created to launch Bothwell School of Witchcraft (above) and grew into an events production company, producing events such as Murder on the 10:16 (above) and instigating international collaborations for events like Aces and Operatives. The company runs events for the public as well as private and corporate productions. Readman is CEO of the company and manages the whole portfolio.

Rogue Events is still running to this day, although it's flagship event; Bothwell school of Witchcraft, has been part of a successful merger and as such the company's scope and duties have been reduced.

Rogue Events Logo Wood
Thales Logo

Thales UK


Readman took part in multiple projects during his time as a Systems Engineer for Thales. His role focused on being a coordinating force between engineers, management and the customer. He gained technical skills as well as a proficiency in project management, design thinking & innovation and was fast tracked for the company's leadership program. Readman took part in Electronic Warfare and Next Generation Fuze projects.

Readman left his role as Engineer in 2018 to focus on growing his businesses and developing his entrepreneurial acumen. However, the engineering mindset and method have stayed with him and he has employed it in all of his projects.

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